•  a new Web design with improved functionality and merchandising resulted in an expanded market share and increased sales of 20% for www.medbook.com.pl

  • made medbook the biggest medical bookstore in Poland – high esteem vortal Money.pl and  “Wprost” magazine appreciated medbook in their 2008 annual ranking as the 3rd best specialist e-store in Poland and it is 1st and the biggest e-store with medical books in Poland;
  • deployed new e-commerce shops pavlacz.com (vintage fashion, 2010) and trendybox.pl (interior design, 2011), both with CMS, CRM systems;
  • supported with IT consultancy innovative project Music in Braille stage I, for visually impaired and blind people, enables translating scanned sheet music to Braille (web design can be seen in portfolio), 2010;

  • publicity prize winner at 2nd Web design International Festival in 2004 - website created from scratch within just 24hours in 2languages, can be seen in portfolio;
  • Have built excellent client relationships for over 8 years. medbook.com.pl is just one example of a returning client that is very satisfied with our results.;